Traveling companions

Captivated by the treasures of the Mediterranean

Shells, snails, pebbles, crystallizes of colors rounded by the sea.... Like those little treasures that we found on the beach when we were girls, and that fascinated us, our creations are also unique and have their little history. We have created them to accompany you and be part of your journey. Let's go?


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Saturday, January 17th, 2021
From today, shipping costs to Spain will be free throughout the website!

Monday, October 20th, 2020
Who is behind the CosmicSistersbcn?
This is Eli and Sílvia. We are two very different women from Barcelona. We are joined by a love of nature, good vibes, and unique and handmade creations. We'll introduce each other a little above. We have a little bit of everything. Eli is an adventurer, a traveller and a bad-seat ass. Free as the wind. Although she is the most urbanite, you can find her snowboarding in the Pyrenees in winter, as well as surfing and sunbathing in summer. Although she is very nomadic, she has her roots in her heart, for her , family and friends come first, those who know her knows it. She has an unmistakable boho-chic style and she can read you Tarot cards or get a luxury Shiatsu massage. The truth is that she doesn't stop learning and getting excited about what she lives. Oh, and she makes some brutal brownies! Sílvia is more like scout, singing with the guitar and hiking. She use to take home any animals she find. With her high-school boyfriend , they have two great children. They lived for a while between volcanoes and still think about coming back. Her studies have always been social, artistic or child-related, but what she has devoted himself most to do is designing and assembling jewelry. She have a few but good friends and she is conciliatory, family and reflective. But you don’t see her in the kitchen. We believe that cosmos has already joined us a lot of years ago and then our own project has emerged. From the confidences at the table, the summers on the beach or the sunset walks through the neighbourhood, a common love for minerals, macramé, the assembly of pieces and the search for natural and unique materials emerged. Gradually, with our creations, we learned and we knitted collections inspired by everything we like. We believe that sewing calmly and from the heart is the best. We think a complement can express a certain way of being or feeling. Earrings, a necklace or a  bracelet also speak of us and can serve us to communicate with the outside, or in some special moments, can offer someone a symbol of our love. We want to transmit all this in the pieces we offer you. We work to create a bridge between all the cosmic sisters who around the world breathe a little like us, with simplicity, illusion, hope and beauty.