Product care

Our products are created by hand, one by one and with a lot of love, with very diverse materials: Linen, cotton, ceramics, shells, cauri, leather, sterling silver, semi-precious stones, pearls, zamak, gold-plated sterling silver,... In the description of each article you will be able to know what materials each one of them is made of.

In order for you to wear them for as long as possible, we offer you some recommendations for care, use and cleaning, taking into account the different materials we work with.




To store your accessories, it is best to do so in a place protected from light and moisture. If you can store each piece separately in a bag, the better. And remember to leave earrings, necklaces and bracelets closed, as they can easily get damaged and tangled when opened.

As a general practice, except for sterling silver, if you wet most materials such as cotton, zamak, leather, cotton, linen, painted ceramics, gold-plated silver,... you risk their gradual deterioration. Avoid that your jewels come into contact with water, soap, bleach, cosmetics, perfumes.

In short, when you've showered and dressed up, it's time to put on your accessories.  In the case of sterling silver products or with accessories made with sterling silver, shells, minerals and synthetic thread, their continued use does not deteriorate them like the rest of the materials, although it is also convenient to give them a break from time to time.




Sometimes sterling silver 925 can suffer loss of brightness or blackening. This is normally due to contact with some chemical product, sweat or the PH of the skin.

To recover its shine, you just have to rub them gently with a specific microfiber cloth to clean silver. If you need a deeper cleaning, it will be enough to use a soft brush with some warm water and neutral soap. Gold-plated sterling silver jewelry should only be gently washed with a microfiber cloth specifically for cleaning silver, without water. When wearing a light gold bath, they are susceptible to losing the coating just by wearing it. Thorough care following the above advice will extend the life of the bath, but over time, it will fade away. In that case, you can take it to be bathed again, or you can wear it more so that the sterling silver that the jewel is made of can be seen.